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FOX News
Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
fox news this afternoon live pictures coming in from san francisco. there has been a tanker -- an oil tanker the one you see here it is my understanding has struck the bay bridge. the san francisco oakland bay bridge. an oil tanker, more specifically according to ktvu fox 2 for the bay area it struck is support for the bay bridge just about 12:20 this afternoon. about 15 minutes ago california time. this brings back awful memories for the people of san francisco in the bay area in general from a collision that happened in 2007 when a 900-foot container ship struck that same bridge and more than 53-gallons of fuel oil poured into the bay, killed by local determinations more than 6800 birds and harmed a herring spawn that winter. closed the beaches to swimmers for weeks. this one, though, there are no signs of any oil leaking at all. the coast guard is responding. the tanker appears to be intact. whether there s anything more to this, we don't have any way to know yet until the inspectors get throughout. at first glance at least there does not appear to be an oil spill. the headline ann
FOX News
Jan 14, 2013 12:00pm PST
. over the weekend, organizers in san francisco record crowds showed up there. thousands of people waited in long lines. nobody was able to walk away firearm with show because they have a ten day waiting period. >> reporter: they could take ammunition. there is a debate on exactly what the president can do for executive action versus what requires a congressional vote. one thing is clear, many feel washington is going to take their right away to buy some guns and access to ammunition which is non-existent around many stores around the country that sparked panic buying. a gun buying back event in new mexico, they got in a bidding war before they were turned into cops. overcrowding shut down a store in arizona. here in california, gun owners swamped a bay area gun show looking for weapons and ammunition. >> they got to get in and get what you can. >> i think obama is re-elected he is going for the gun. the buying frenzy driving prices through the roof. >> reporter: we expect the vice president a ban on assault weapons and background checks but critics argue that less than 1% of crime
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2